Funeral Planning Worksheet

 Funeral Planning Worksheet

Updated for 2013

Updated: June 2013
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This funeral arrangement form will take you step-by-step through the process of planning a funeral. It will ask you to consider issues such as purchasing coffins and grave plots, cremation, burial, organising a funeral services and much more. It is a must have for anyone thinking about planning a funeral service.


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Funeral Planning Worksheet


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Funeral Planning Worksheet!

What's Included in a Funeral Plan?
Planning a funeral involves a variety of different tasks ranging from selecting a funeral director, choosing a casket, deciding on burial and cremation options to organizing gatherings after the funeral itself. In putting together a funeral plan you will need to consider matters such as:-

  • whether you want to donate your body to science;
  • whether you want to be buried or cremated;
  • where you want your remains buried, scattered or kept;
  • the type of ceremony that you will have and where it will be held;
  • whether you will want visitations;
  • whether you wish to be embalmed;
  • whether there will be a procession to the cemetery;
  • how your body will be transported;
  • how your family will travel to and from services;
  • the funeral products you wish to buy such as caskets, burial vaults and urns; and
  • much more.

You can use this step-by-step funeral planning worksheet to quickly and easily plan a funeral.

Forms Included

- Funeral Arrangement Form

Funeral Planning Worksheet


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