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We All Need To Do Our Bit For Charity!!!

In order to carry out their essential and valued work, charities depend enormously on the generosity of people who remember them on the door step, at the church gate and in the streets. Charities also depend significantly on people remembering them when making their wills. In fact, the receipt of legacies is essential to the achievement of any charitable organisation’s long-term goals. In recognition of this fact, we have created a specific facility in our online will writing software to enable our customers to make a gift to their favourite charities.


While there is of course no obligation to make a charitable gift, the feature is there for you if you decide that it’s right for you to give a little something back.


How We Do Our Bit For Charity!!! has created:

  1. a specific feature in our online will writing software to give our customers the option of making a charitable bequest in their will. The wording for this clause (like the wording for all of our wills) uses approved Law Society of Ireland precedents for the making of charitable gifts and of course has been approved by independent solicitors.

  2. a special charity donation system and added it to our website. In brief, when a charity signs up to our donation system, it will be asked to place a link from their website to our website. When a person comes from the charity’s website and makes a will on our website, a specific percentage of the proceeds of that person’s purchase (including wills, books and forms) will be donated to the referring charity from Irishwills.

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